by and for intensives

It takes one to know one, right?

It’s supposed to be an insult, but mostly it’s true.  It’s definitely true for intensives. Much as people laugh at us for it, we .are. special snowflakes.  We are special snowflakes that will bring a damn blizzard down on your head, or help you shovel out of one.  We are misfits whose swordsmanship skills are weird until they are useful.  We are wanderers and vagabonds and makers of unlikely connections; we are charismatic leaders for good and for ill (here at the Institute we hope mostly for good) and we are innovators and founders and inventors, because most of what we can dream doesn’t exist.  Yet.  We are the people who stand on the threshold between obvious and impossible. 

Because to us, the impossible is obvious.

To be sure, there are times to get support, advice, and consulting from the rest of the world, the expansives, the ones who want things to be slow and predictable and moderate and…normal.  We need them just like they need us, and the value of a person for whom consistency is the hallmark of work well done cannot be underestimated.  

But we intensives have some special qualities that require …special responses.

  • We are class-A rationalizers.  We can make everything sound reasonable.  If we are motivated we can do anything, but about half the time we try to bullshit our way out of it.  Not quite sure why.
  • We are fast. We think fast and make giant intuitive leaps that make no sense to expansives.
  • We trust our guts before we trust the data. That’s just real, even though it scares people. The thing is, our guts are usually right, so the older we get the more we trust them.  Also, see the first point: we can make data look like it says anything, so for truth we need something else.
  • We don’t mess around with small talk.  If it gets tangled and complicated, then we dive in.  
  • We are visionary. Our ideas are conceived on a massive scale. Sometimes they need trimming but sometimes they need to stay exactly as big as they were when we imagined them, or even grow.

As intensives, we see the world differently, and we interact with it differently…and we need our asses kicked and prodded and encouraged differently.  We need people who can see through the rationalizing, leap and bound with us, trust our guts like we trust them ourselves (but know when to call BS), dive in just as deep, and tell us when we’re thinking too small.

What I can do for you is balance between inspiration and perspective, with a voice you can trust.  I won’t boot-camp you–that’s not my style…but I also won’t let you off the hook.  With over a dozen years of experience professionally supporting people and institutions, and nearly a decade in coaching specifically; with expertise in speaking, writing, IT, and leadership; and with a commitment to authenticity, humor, strength, and integrity (yours and mine both), I can work with you to create sustainable leadership and growth strategies. 

I won’t hand you the fish unless you’re starving.  I will teach you to fish, and how to understand the ecosystem in which you’re operating, starting with you.  Over time you will come to absorb and understand the underlying principles, so that you can, as one of my clients says, “hear me on your shoulder” at critical junctures.  

I literally wrote the book on intensives–I understand us from the inside out, at every level.  It impacts everything I do, it makes me who I am, and figuring that out has made my life immeasurably better.  I get messages all the time from people who say that it saved their job or their family or their life.  The more you know and understand, the better it gets.  My goal is that you will know, and it will change your game forever.